Vintage Pocket Compass Blender 3D Model


Vintage Pocket Compass, now up for grabs on Picture this: an old-school compass, like the ones used by explorers back in the day. We’re talking about a digital model here, but it’s got that real antique vibe, shiny gold and all.

If you’re working on something that needs a touch of the past or just want to jazz up a scene with a bit of history, this is your guy. It’s ready to drop into any kind of project you’ve got going – whether it’s for a fancy animation, a cool building design, or even an ad.

What’s cool about downloading it from us? You get this compass in all the file types you might need, like .blend for Blender fans, .max if you’re into 3D Studio Max, and .fbx or .obj for pretty much anything else. And the model is super neat and tidy, so you can plug it in and get rolling without any fuss.

Download this 3D Model for Free

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